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Bazic Products BAZ2080 Bazic Glue Tape

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Permanent Glue Tape is a double sided tape with permanent adhesive. Each roll of tape is housed in a container with a protective flap at the applicator to keep the glue clean. The adhesive is a special glue used for tape, so it doesn’t dry, and it’s acid free. Perfect for scrap-booking and arts and crafts without worry of damaging your precious pictures. It is extremely handy for sealing envelopes or gift wrapping, as you can operate it with 1 hand application. It’s convenient, clean and neat. Sold individually in assorted container colors.

Easy to use:
1. Flip the protective flap up so the applicator is exposed
2. Press the applicator down hard on flat smooth area and glide to apply the adhesive
3. Lift the applicator up in a swift motion to break the adhesive (you will see a thin film of adhesive on the applied area)
4. Press the desired item on the sticky area firmly to ensure it’s properly glued on
5. Lastly, do not forget to flip the protective flap back down to keep the tape clean

Additional information

Weight 0.07 lbs
Dimensions 6.46 × 3.35 × 0.91 in

Waterbased Adhesive, Plastic Ribbon, plastic housing & components


Assembly Required




our warranty covers product defects with free replacements and/or full credit for period up to 6 months from the shipment date

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