21-201 Restroom Partition Metal Hinge Pin

21-201 Metal Hinge Pin

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3/8" OD X 3-1/2" long chrome plated steel pin has knurled top to secure door. (Related parts:21-202, 21-203, 21-216). Used by Capitol brand partitions. Please see the "Related Products" tab and click on the pictures for detailed measurements shown above.

21-216 Door Cam and Pintle Set
Set includes one each nylon cam and pintle. (Related parts: 21-202, 21-203). Used on Accurate brand partitions.
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Minimum quantity for "21-216 Accurate Partitions Door Cam and Pintle Set" is 1.

21-203 Toilet Partition Stall To
Chrome plated zamac housing fits a 1" squared edge door. (Related parts: 21-203, 21-201). Used by Global and Accurate brand partitions.
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Minimum quantity for "21-203 Toilet Partition Top Door Trim" is 1.

21-202 Top and Bottom Stall Door
Chrome plated zamac wrap-around hinge mounts on a1-1/4" square edge pilaster. Mounting holes are 1-1/2"on center. Used as both the top and bottom hinge of same door. (Related parts: 21-201, 21-203, 21-216, 21-311)
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