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Haws 3150FR Freezed-Resistant Concrete Drinking Fountain


Model 3150FR "Hi-Lo" adult or child barrier-free freeze-resistant, square, vibra-cast reinforced concrete pedestal drinking fountain shall include polished stainless steel basins, hood extensions to protect the chrome-plated brass bubbler heads, adjustable height child ADA capable arm, polished chrome-plated vandal-resistant waste strainers that allow for top down access, and push-button activated pneumatic valve system. Portland Gray in color with exposed aggregate finish and wire reinforced, and 1-1/2" slip waste.
Perfect for either public or private settings, our concrete vibra-cast series is a great fit in "open-air" environments. Suitable in areas where weather conditions may be cause for concern, this series stands strong against any element. Reinforced concrete design not only protects from corrosion, its Portland Gray color makes it recognizable enough to locate without compromising the outdoor atmosphere. This type of pedestal drinking fountain may also be placed in a variety of settings such as: parks, schools, and other recreational outdoor environments where the temperature may drop into freezing conditions.
Model meets all current Federal Regulations for the disabled including those in the Americans with Disabilities Act. Haws manufactures drinking fountains, electric water coolers and electric drinking fountains to be lead-free by all known definitions including ANSI/NSF Standard 61, Section 9, California Proposition 65, and the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act.
Drain Clean-Out
Top-down access to the drain allows the fountain to be cleaned without taking the unit apart, which is ideal for outdoor settings that are high in drain-clogging sediment like leaves, garbage, and other debris.
All-Weather Capabilities
Fully engineered system with the pneumatic operated freeze-resistant valve installed below frost line to drain water to non-freezing depth allowing fountain to function year-round. Assembly can be lifted to surface and lowered back into casing for easy maintenance without disturbing the fountain.
Heavy-duty vibra-cast reinforced concrete construction with exposed aggregate finish provide a perfect addition to outside environments, along with vandal-resistant bottom and access plates for added peace of mind. Stainless steel basin with a high-polished finish compliments almost any setting, and it also resists stains and corrosion.
Bubbler Head
Polished chrome-plated brass bubbler head features an integral basin shank for added strength, and is equipped with a shielded, anti-squirt orifice that provides a steady sanitary source of water.
Push Button
Polished chrome-plated push-button requires less than 5 lbs. to activate.
Configurable to Adult or Child barrier-free capabilities combined with its ease of use allows for a number of installation location possibilities.
This product requires the 6518.2FR Freeze-Resistant Valve System which is sold separately as an option above.
Special Order: Please allow 6 weeks for delivery.
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