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31-037 Series Non-Tilt Window Channel Balance

31-037 Series Non-Tilt Window Channel Balance

Custom Order
Allow 2-3 weeks to ship

Minimum quantity for "31-037 Series Non-Tilt Window Channel Balance" is 2.

Our channel balances are not of the flimsy metal type often found on the market but are made right here in the good old USA! Our series 31-037 includes our 18-651 Top Guide and our 18-652 Bottom guide attached to the window channel balance. We use a special rivet machine to attach the appropriate plastic guides for this series so they are ready to install by the time they are delivered to you. Please look at the guide measurement details to assure you are receiving the correct channel balance as they are non-returnable once assembled. If you are unsure you can always send us a sample to the address shown at the bottom of our website to Attn: Parts Dept. We are also here to answer any of your questions with friendly technical support. All of our channel balances are shipped complete with both plastic ends (guides) attached ready to install for the price shown above.

Ordering Information

  • Measure the metal channel balance length only. (Do not include the plastic ends)
  • Check the number that is stamped on the channel balance. (i.e. 2010, 28B, 3620, etc.)
  • When ordering it is always best to replace both sides of the window sash as just replacing the one side of the sash can make the window unstable.
  • Select the number stamped on your balance and use the drop-down menu above to select the number stamped on your channel balance.
  • Type the Length of the Balance and number stamped on your channel balance in the spaces provided above.
18-652 Bottom Channel Balance Sh
Window bottom channel balance guide. Constructed of plastic.

18-651 Top Channel Balance Guide
Top window channel balance plastic guide.
Ref: 14827