Wesco DC-72 StairKing Battery Powered Applicance Hand Truck

Wesco DC-72 StairKing Battery Powered Applicance Hand Truck


The Wesco StairKing DC-72 Battery Powered Stair Climbing Hand Truck features 1/2 Horsepower 50 amp high torque motor.  This powerful motor runs cooler under load conditions and gets over 80% more lifts per charge.  The industrial grade gear box transmits steady power.  The large 2" diameter polyurethane lifting feet provide more secure stair gripping.  The auto rewind ratchet works first to take the slack out of the cargo belt and then provide a ratchet crank to securely tighten the load.   The sealed maintenance free battery has a circuit breaker provided and a charger is included. 

The StairKing comes with a variety of options that make this powerful motorized stair climbing hand truck adapable to any material management use and include an aluminum winch, toe plate extensions, steel platform extensions, superwheel attachment and kick out casters.  

Hand Truck Specifications

  • 72" h x 19 w x 15" d
  • Noseplate measures 24" w x 4" d
  • Weighs 102 pounds
  • 6" Moldon Rubber wheels
  • All Magnesium construction
  • 30" from noseplate to center of the belt
  • Stairclimber has continuous belt
  • Aluminum Winch Lift Attachment option includes
    • 3.5" Jarvis Advantage® swivel casters for 4 wheel support
    • 800 pound lift capacity
    • Equipped with autobraking system
    • 18" forks
    • 57.25" lift height
  • Super Wheel option includes:
    • 10" pneumatic rear wheels
    • Quick and Easy turnbucklet mounting system
    • Converts a 2 wheel truck into a 4 wheel truck
    • Assembly required
  • Toe Plate Extension clips on to standard plate and provides 12" deep by 28" wide cargo space
  • Platform attachment slides in place over winch lift forks to provide a 20" square lifting platform
  • Kick-Out Attachment option provides two 3.5" casters to give four wheel stability
  • Battery Charger plugs into a cigarette lighter and has a 20" length cable
  • 1/2 Horsepower 50 amp high torque motor runs cooler under load and gets over 80% more lifts per charge
  • 5 year guarantee against weld failure
  • In stock, ships in 5-7 days

Wheel Specifications

  • 6" Moldon Rubber Tires with Aluminum Offset 6" x 2" Hub

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Hand Truck Type:
Load Capacity:
600 - 900 lbs
Ref: 12164