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PilotRock A-20/S B2 Adjustable Grate Grill


The PR A-20/S B2 Adjustable Grate Grill adjusts the cooking surface anywhere from just above the coals to 12 inches from the bottom of the firebox for complete temperature control.  The double reinforced firebox has a ring reinforced bottom to dissipate heat and prevent warpage along with formed flanges in the front to provide increased field strength.  The cooking grate tips back out of the firebox for easier fire building and clean out and remains attached to the firebox to insure security.  The grill, finished in a high temp non-toxic black enamel paint, has a full 360 degree rotation on the theft-proof swivel attachment.  Comes with in-ground base as standard, three other optional bases are available.  Add on shelf options are available for a customized set up that best suits your needs.


  • Firebox and grate are constructed from all welded 7 gauge steel
  • Coiled handle grips are fabricated from 1/8" x 1/2" steel bar
  • Firebox is 16"D x 20"W x 8"H
  • Weighs 83 pounds


  • Structurally reinforced cooking grate is virtually indestructable
  • Full 360 degree rotation in either direction
  • Infinitely Adjustable™ cooking grate goes from 3-3/4" to 12" above firebox base
  • Double Reinforced Firebox
  • No rivets or bolts, full weld construction for added strength and durability
  • In-ground base is standard, optional bases include surface mount, casters and portable disk
  • Optional Model S1 Shelf is 7-1/8" x 9-5/8"
  • Optional Model S6 Swivel Shelf is 8" x 16"
  • Grate has 5/8" diameter perimeter and handlebars and 1/2: diamter center parts.
  • 320 square inches of cooking space
  • Grate tips back, but does not detach allowing for security as well as easy access for fire building and cleaning
  • Five year manufacturer's warranty

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