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Using Door Hardware to Renovate Your Business

Feel like your business needs a facelift, but you don’t want to spend money on a full renovation? We don’t blame you! Thankfully, all it takes is a few subtle changes to make a space look clean, refreshed and renewed. In this guide, we’ll explore how you can use door hardware to renovate your business inexpensively.

Enhance Your Door Security Devices

Renovations are about more than just making your business look better. If it can also function better, you’re making a great investment for the future. Consider swapping your existing door hardware for a more secure alternative. For instance, you might replace exterior door closers with security closers. If you do not have closers on entrance and exit doors, you might add that altogether. Upgrade your front lock to a pushbutton lock, or boost the entire security system with card-reader entry. The possibilities are endless.

Upgrade Your Door Push and Pull Plates

If you have basic push and pull plates on your doors, consider upgrading to something more decorative. Of course, this still needs to fit the theme of the building. If you have sleek, clean lines throughout the office, you wouldn’t want ornate pull plates on the doors. If you have a high-end restaurant though, that may be a good fit for you. Again, this is a subtle change, but it will make a big difference in the overall look of the business.

Unify the Finishes on Your Door Hardware

Nickel door knobs, brass hinges, silver closers – does this sound familiar? If your building is a hodge-podge of metal finishes right now, create a cohesive theme throughout the building. This will make the space feel new and planned, rather than a mix of finishes from previous designs. You don’t have to stop at the door hardware either. You can upgrade light fixtures, cabinet hardware, shelves, soap dispensers, and everything else to tell one story. Just make sure that whatever finish you choose is easy to clean, especially for surfaces that get touched a lot.

Replace Old Door Hardware That No Longer Functions Properly

If some of your door hardware is worn, old, or broken altogether, it’s time to replace it. This shows clients that your building is in disrepair, even if it is only a door. They will begin questioning what other elements of the business are uncared for. Replacing the door hardware may seem like a useless task, but it truly makes a difference from a customer’s perspective.

If you need hard-to-find door hardware, the team at WR Hardware would be happy to help. We have access to many specialty pieces that are difficult to locate online. This includes hardware for older doors that are no longer manufactured. You don’t have to replace the entire door – you just need the right company to help you. Give us a call to get the perfect door hardware for your business doors.

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