Types of Dollies Used in Material Handling

Material handling is general term for moving objects from one location to another. This could be a table, a large piece of furniture, a small stack of chairs, etc. We offer a number of material handling devices here at WR Hardware, from hand trucks to pallet jacks and beyond. In this discussion, we will focus on some of the most common types of dollies used in material handling so you can get a better idea of what your options are.

Moving and Furniture Dollies
Moving and furniture dollies are designed to carry objects in a move. They come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and structures based on the types of items they are carrying. For example, a basic furniture dolly is a flat metal structure with wheels underneath. The furniture sits on top of the dolly so movers can slide it around without having to actually carry it. A book dolly is tall and is shaped to support a stack of books. The handle is at the top of a V-shaped support system that has a square bottom.

Most moving companies have general moving carts on hand for furniture they encounter on a regular basis, but some need specialty movers like piano dollies, hydraulic lifts, and more. We offer all of those furniture dollies here at WR Hardware, so you can get exactly what you need when you need it most.

Chair and Desk Dollies
Chair and desk dollies are made to carry large stacks of chairs or desks. They are most often used in a school environment to re-arrange classrooms or move furniture into storage over the summer. Chair dollies come in many shapes to accommodate different types of chairs. Folding chairs can lay flat on an L-shaped dolly, while stackable chairs can be carried on an angled stair-step platform. The carrying capacities vary by dolly, and some are designed to hold both tables and chairs.

Desk dollies are mostly designed to move large desks. They are long and flat with wheels on the bottom to help support the weight of the desk. Once again, these can be combined with chair dollies so chairs and tables can be stored or moved together at the same time.

Table Dollies
Table dollies are used for folding tables, like what you might find in a cafeteria or event center. They are made so that several tables can be stacked together and rolled from one location to the next. There are special designs available for round or semi-circle tables because they do not have the same flat edges that rectangular tables do. Some table dollies are made to maneuver around tight corners, and others are made to mostly move in a straight direction.

Specialty Dollies
You can also find a number of specialty dollies that are made for a specific purpose. A good example of that would be an audio/visual cart, which is made to hold a TV, DVD player, VCR, and any other electric equipment that may need to go with the TV. You may have seen these in elementary schools, giving teachers the option to wheel TVs between classrooms when not in use. Other specialty dollies include service carts, office mail carts, bin carts (for papers), utility carts, and more.

If you need help choosing your material handling dolly, feel free to contact WR Hardware to speak with one of our experts.