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Remove and Prevent Graffiti on Restroom Partitions

Vandalism is a headache for all businesses. Whether you run a school, a bar, a hair salon or a library, you may find graffiti in your bathroom. It’s almost impossible to pinpoint who is responsible for the vandalism to restroom partitions, and even when you can, it is hard to punish the culprit. The best thing to do is to remove the graffiti as quickly as possible and prevent it from occurring in the first place. Here are some tips to help you out.

Get Graffiti Resistant Restroom Partitions

Some restroom partitions are easier to vandalize than others. For instance, if your restrooms are made of wood, they are prime targets for vandalism. All it takes is pen to draw on the walls or make etchings in the wood. At WR Hardware, we offer a number of restroom partition materials that are easy to clean and difficult to vandalize. You can choose from durable plastic, smooth stainless steel, sturdy baked enamel and much more. Give us a call at 800-225-2517 to learn more about our restroom partitions.

Replace Restroom Partitions That Are Heavily Vandalized

If you have certain toilet partitions that are already heavily vandalized, consider replacing them altogether. If people see previous acts of vandalism, they will be more tempted to put new graffiti on the walls. The existing vandalism shows users that you do not care enough to clean or cover the graffiti in the space. They feel entitled to do as they please on the walls. By updating to new, clean partitions, you can prevent vandalism before it starts.

If you need help finding replacement restroom partitions, contact WR Hardware. One of our experts will help you find the closest match on the market.

Clean Graffiti When It Occurs

Get rid of graffiti as soon as it happens. The longer it is left alone, the harder it will be to clean. Set up a cleaning and inspection schedule that requires workers to periodically check the bathrooms for vandalism. Get the right cleaning chemicals for the type of vandalism you experience (pen, spray paint, etc.), and train your employees to clean the graffiti effectively. Schedule a final inspection at the end of the day, preferably by a manager or shift supervisor. This will ensure the vandalism does not sit overnight.

Use a Labyrinth Entrance instead of a Door

If you have the option to remodel or reconfigure your bathroom, consider using a labyrinth entrance instead of a door. This involves a bending hallway that still provides privacy but does not require a physical door. Labyrinth entrances have several benefits. They reduce the transfer of germs because there is no door handle for customers to grab. They allow noise to travel, which mans workers could hear acts of vandalism as they occur. And they prevent vandals from being alerted if someone enters the restroom. Anyone can walk in at any time, so people are less likely to put graffiti on the stall walls.

Use the tips above to keep your restroom partitions looking their best, and you can enjoy stress-free maintenance well into the future.

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