Door Push Plates vs. Pull Plates

Door push plates and pull plates can be used in almost any building – restaurants, offices, schools, stores, and more. There are many styles to choose from, so you can get a plate that looks great and functions just as well. The guide below will help you determine which door plates are best for your needs.

Difference between Push Plates and Pull Plates

For the most part, door push and pull plate serve the same purpose. They are designed to make opening or closing a door as easy as possible. Push plates go on the side of the door that you push against to open it. If it’s a double swing door, a push plate can go on both sides. A door pull goes on the side that you pull toward you to open. This is usually on the opposite side of a push plate.

Difference between a Pull Plate and a Door Handle

Now that you know what a door pull plate is, you might wonder how it differs from a door handle. Pull plates are usually put on interior doors with high traffic volumes. They allow the door to be pulled inward, but they do not have a latch on them. Security door handles in other parts of the building prevent unauthorized people from getting in, but the door the pull is attached to is usually made to be accessible. If you want a handle that doubles as a latch, you will need to look into standard door knobs instead.

Choosing the Best Door Push Plates and Pull Plates

Since most door push plates and pull plates function the same way, the selection mostly comes down to aesthetics. You will need to know the dimensions available so you know how large or small the door hardware can be. Other than that, just make sure to pick a finish that fits with the rest of your interior elements. You may get something that matches the kick plate, if you have one, or you may get inspiration from the hinges and door knobs in the room.

Should you get matching door push plates and pull plates? Again, that is up to you. If the room on one side of the door has a completely different design plan than the room on the other side of the door, you may choose a different finish for the push plate and the pull plate. You may not even need a set, depending on how the door functions throughout the day. Consider your usage and the overall look of the building to pick the perfect option for you.

How to Install Door Push and Pull Plates

The installation process sis fairly straightforward. Your push plate or pull plate will come with screws that have the same finish as the plate itself. Remove the old plates from the door, if you have any, and screw the new plates in place. You may need to drill pilot holes for the screws to go into, depending on the material the door is made from.

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