Pallet jacks

Common Types of Pallet Jacks

Pallet jacks are versatile tools used in almost every industry. They can easily maneuver pallets in a store, storage space or warehouse, and they are less expensive and more compact than forklifts. Just about anyone can operate a pallet jack with minimal training, making this a go-to device for businesses owners across America. In this guide, we will explore some common types of pallet jacks so you can select the perfect one for your business.

Manual Pallet Jacks

Manual pallet jacks are the least expensive option on the market. They have a simple design, and they can typically lift up to 5,500 pounds. Most manual pallet jacks are equipped with a hydraulic pump that lifts the load up and down. To operate the pump, simply pump or depress the handle. This works much like the chairs at a barber shop.

Manual pallet jacks are small and fairly light weight, so they can be moved from building to building fairly easily. However, from an operation standpoint, they are not ideal for moving loads over great distances. A person pulling a manual pallet jack may become tired after an extended period of time. For a simple task, like loading products onto a store floor, this is a good option.

Telescoping High Lift Pallet Truck

Telescoping high lift pallet trucks are designed to raise pallets much higher than the manual trucks allow. They only support a load of around 2,200 pounds, but they can rise the pallet 31 inches off the ground. That’s about the height of a standard desk. Telescoping pallet trucks come in electric and manual models (with hydraulic pumps). The electric ones are slightly more expensive, but they are easier to operate. Manual high lift pallet trucks weigh less than electric ones.

Platform Pallet Jack

Platform pallet jacks do not have forks to lock into the pallet. Instead, they have platforms that go underneath the pallet, similar to a traditional dolly. The platform raises much higher than the telescoping lifts, but it can only support a load of 750 pounds. Thus this may not be ideal for large, heavy pallets.

Lift Tables

A lift table is different than a pallet jack, but it is still within the same family. The table slides under a load and lifts/lowers via a hydraulic foot pump. Lift tables have a tremendous weight capacity of 6,000 pounds, so they can transport heavy objects across a building. The team at ATM from Animal Planet’s show Tanked can be seen using lift tables to move large acrylic aquariums on their clients’ properties.


Stackers are a lot like pallet jacks, but they provide additional lift assistance. For instance, a platform stacker can support 1,000 pounds, compared to a platform pallet jack that only supports 750 pounds. Stackers are available with forks and platforms, and they have additional safety features, such as a safety screen. Stackers are more expensive than pallet jacks, but they are ideal for lifting loads onto a truck or storage rack.

Specialty Pallet Jacks

Some pallet jacks are designed for a specific task, like a cylinder lift or a TransRoller power truck with a side rolling feature. These devices are not for everyone, but they can be the perfect solution for select businesses. If you would like help finding the perfect pallet jack for your company, contact the experts at WR Hardware. We offer bulk discounts and fast shipping to most areas, so we can get you the pallet jacks you need when you need them most.

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