Common Repairs for Bi Fold Closet Doors

Bi fold closet doors are convenient, space-saving, and easy to install. A single set of bi fold doors can last for decades under proper care. With that in mind, there are some issues that you may face during the lifetime of your doors, and they all have simple repair solutions. Here are the most common repairs for bi fold doors so you can be prepared for the future.

Sticky or Lose Hinges

After continual use, the hinges on your bi fold doors may start to stick. This will make it difficult to open the Bi fold closet doors. Conversely, you may have hinges that are so worn out that they cannot keep your doors opened. If you physically have to stand in front of the door to hold it open or the doors don’t meet up in the middle because they stay slightly open, it may be time to replace your hinges.

Hinges are incredibly easy to replace. Simply unscrew the old ones and put new ones in the pre-existing holes. If the holes are old and widened, you could move the hinges slightly higher or lower and drill new screw holes instead. Just make sure you only drill down a small amount. You don’t want the hole to go completely through the door.

Gaps on the Outer Edges of Bi fold closet doors

Gaps on the outer edges are usually a sign that the doors were not hung properly. There is a special balance that you have to achieve when installing bi fold closet doors. If you screw the top mount into the wrong part of the track, you may create an unappealing gap on the side. You could also leave a big gap in between the doors, or you might cause the doors to collide with one another. Try moving the placement of this mounting piece and the bottom screw on the doors before replacing any of the parts. This may be all you need to do.

Sticky Guide Wheels

If you need to take your bi fold doors down, you will need to push the guide wheels downward. This allows part of the door to slide out of the track. In some cases, the guide wheels are tricky to push down with your fingers. You can try using a flat head screwdriver to push the sticky guide wheel down, making sure not to damage the track along the way. If this doesn’t work, you may have to add a small amount of lubrication to get the wheel moving again. Once the door is off, you can install new wheels so this does not create problems in the future.

Widened Tracks

If your bi fold doors get pulled on too much, the guide wheels may put pressure on the tracks. This will cause the tracks to bow outward, and it may cause the door to fall out of place. Fixing this is as simple as getting a new track for your bi fold doors. Remove the doors, unscrew the old track, and put the new one in place. You can also get guide wheels and bi fold pivots so the entire door unit works like new. WR Hardware has all these pieces available and more. Visit our parts for Bi fold closet doors.