Choosing the Most Efficient Book Carts for Your School

Book carts can be used in a variety of school spaces – from classrooms to libraries to hallways and beyond. They can act as temporary dividers in a room, or they can help move books from one place to another. No matter what you need book carts for, it’s important to choose the right ones to suit your situation. Here are some tips for choosing the most efficient book carts for your school.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

A bigger book cart can hold more books, but that doesn’t necessarily make it “more efficient.” If the books sitting on the cart are heavy (like textbooks or dictionaries) pushing a large cart around may be difficult to do. You would be better off with two smaller carts that can easily be moved, rather than one large cart that is awkward to maneuver.

Also keep in mind that you may get more use with multiple small carts instead of one large cart. For instance, if you split a large common area into a few open classrooms, you could distribute multiple book carts into each class. If you only have a couple large book carts to use, you may end up needing extra furniture to fill the space. Considering how tight of a budget most schools have to work with, anything that serves multiple purposes is a good investment.

Consider Who Will Be Pushing the Book Carts

Who will use the carts most often? Will it be teachers pushing carts around their rooms or young students rolling them down the halls? If your school serves mostly older students, you could consider heavier, larger carts that what you may need for an elementary school. The dimensions and weight for each cart are available on our website, so you can get the most efficient book cart for your users.

Also think about how tall the book carts are in relation to their users. If most students are only 3 foot tall, you will want book shelves they can actually reach. Then again, if most of your students are full grown, you may not want something too low to the ground. Always consider the end-user when selecting book carts for schools.

What Kinds of Books/Supplies Will the Carts Hold?

Some book carts have specific shelf heights. Others have adjustable shelving that can be moved up or down to fit your needs. Some book carts have bins instead of shelves so you can store calculators, pencils, reading accessories, and more. If you will mostly have large, tall books on the shelves, make sure the shelf height will accommodate those books. If you will mostly have short children’s books, you could get a cart that has more shelves because the shelves won’t be as far apart. That is a great way to maximize efficiency.

Neutral Colors That Last

You can choose just about any color you want for your book carts. If you want something that will stand the test of time though, consider a neutral color that will complement your school’s interior no matter what. Carts that receive a lot of direct sunlight are subject to fading, so they do best with light colors (light grey, beige, white, etc.). Darker colors like navy blue or black don’t show scratches as easily, so they are great for carts that receive a lot of hands on interaction.

If you need help finding the right book carts for your school, contact WR Hardware at 1-800-225-2517.