fire extinguisher theft

Fire extinguishers are vital safety features, and businesses are required to have them. They can get pricey, especially if you have to replace a stolen one. How can you keep your fire extinguisher accessible without being vulnerable to theft? Check out this guide to learn how to prevent fire extinguisher theft in your business.

Use a Fire Extinguisher Theft Stopper

Fire extinguisher theft stoppers are the simplest and most effective way to deter thieves. The fire extinguisher is attached to an alarm that will sound when the device is pulled off. The alarm is mounted to the wall, and it has a large stop sign that tells people the extinguisher is protected. If an actual fire occurs, the alarm will double as an alert device for people in the building. If someone tries to steal the extinguisher, the alarm will notify workers of where the theft is happening and may cause the theft to drop the device and flee the scene.

House the Fire Extinguisher in a Cabinet

You can purchase fire extinguisher cabinets specifically for this purpose. They are usually clear on the front so people can see where the extinguisher is in an emergency. The device remains locked into the cabinet until someone needs to use it. The window on the front can easily be broken in an emergency situation, or the whole cabinet can be unlocked with a key.

Place the Fire Extinguishers Where Employees Can See Them

If the extinguishers are in high traffic areas, thieves are less likely to take them. They have a higher risk of getting caught with employees around. Combine this with an alarm system, and fire extinguisher theft is highly unlikely. Thieves want to steal things that are easy to grab and go. This setup would seem like a big hassle to them.

Use Other Fire Extinguisher Containers

If cabinets and alarms are not suited for your needs, there are other fire extinguisher theft deterrents available. For instance, you can get a simple cover that goes over your fire extinguisher. This is usually red on the outside with a clear strip of fabric down the middle. The cover protects the extinguisher from dust and tampering, and it will add an extra step if someone tries to take it. While not as effective as the other options, it is better than leaving your extinguisher unattended.

There are also fire extinguisher containers you can use to secure an extinguisher inside a cabinet. The containers are usually bright red, and they have a lid that latches down. If you are worried that someone will steal a stored fire extinguisher, this may be a good option for you.

Explore the safety devices available to you, and you won’t have to replace your fire extinguishers every few months.

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