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Your windows just don’t work like they used to. They’re hard to open, they let cold air in, or they don’t open at all. Replacing your windows can cost a small fortune, but repairing them may not be an option either. How do you decide what to do? In this guide, we’ll explain when it’s worth getting new windows and when it’s better to get new window hardware. Then you can decide what to do for your building.

Signs Your Window Is Worth Repairing

If you can replace your window hardware, you will save a significant amount of money. New window hardware will extend the life of your windows and prevent the hassle of replacing the entire unit. Here are some signs your window is worth repairing:

  • Your windows are only a few years old. Most new windows are worth repairing because they are energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing. Replacing them would not be worth the investment.
  • The windows are well insulated. If you don’t have any issues with drafts, strong UV rays, or other outdoor elements coming inside, your windows are in good shape. You might just need to re-caulk them to get them in pristine order.
  • Most of the windows function well. If you only have issues with a few windows in the building, it’s probably a hardware problem. The damaged windows may have been used more than the others, so their parts wore down faster. Conversely, they may not have been used at all, and their parts seized into position.
  • The windows fit the era of the home. New windows are not ideal for every home or business. If your building is historic, you might want to preserve the history of the windows. At that point, you’ll want to find the replacement hardware that suits your era-specific windows.

Signs Your Window Is NOT Worth Repairing

As much as we would love to save you money with new window hardware, sometimes you have no choice but to replace your windows. Here are some reasons why you would want to replace instead of repair:

  • Your windows have started to rot. Once rot starts, it’s almost impossible to stop. You will need to consider new windows at that point.
  • Foggy areas between the panes. Double pane windows can be repaired by replacing the glass, but the labor to do that is often more than the price of a new window. You can contact repair companies in the area to get an estimate, but chances are you will need new windows.
  • The windows are ugly. There’s a difference between keeping windows that look historic and keeping windows that look dated. If you have yellow windows from the 70’s, they’re probably not worth repairing.
  • The windows are not safe or energy efficient. If your windows consist of thin glass that barely protects your property, it’s time for an upgrade. Getting new windows will lower your energy bills, improve your property value, and enhance your safety all at once.

Note: Hard to find replacement parts are NOT a reason to replace your windows. We have access to nearly any specialty part you can think of here at WR Hardware. Give us a call, and one of our window hardware experts will gladly assist you.

How to Find New Window Hardware

If you have decided to get new window hardware, look for a manufacturer name and part number somewhere on the window. This may be located on the handle, the sash locks, the window trim, the channel, or another part of the window. Even if you cannot read a full name, take a photo so you can tell your window replacement part provider. They might be able to help from a partial name. Explain the issues you are having with the window, and they can recommend the replacement parts to order.

Contact WR Hardware at 800-225-2517 to order replacement window hardware for your home or business.

Choosing between Hardware Finishes

With the wide variety of door hardware, cabinet hardware, restroom hardware, and other options on the market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by your options. While the function of the hardware should be your primary concern, the finish also plays a role in determining which hardware is right for you. In this guide, we will provide tips for choosing between hardware finishes so you can get the best pieces for your specific needs.

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