Much like residential bathrooms, commercial bathrooms need to be upgraded every once and a while to keep them looking fresh, modern, and approachable. The frequency of your renovations will depend on how often people use your bathrooms, but it is something that you will need to think about eventually. You don’t have to spend a fortune on new tile and fixtures if they are still in good condition. There are other ways to renovate a commercial bathroom without having to spend a fortune. Here are some options to keep in mind.

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Picnic tables are mostly used during the spring and summer, but they stay outside all year long. If you live in a cold climate with heavy snowfall and ice, you will need to get picnic tables that can stand up to the harsh weather. We have a wide range of picnic tables to choose from at WR Hardware, and most of them are sturdy enough to handle extreme temperature changes. This guide will help you select the best picnic table materials for cold climates.

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School winter break is right around the corner, giving teachers, students, and administrators alike a chance to spend time with their families and have a little fun. Remodeling your classrooms may not be at the top of your priority list over winter break, but this is actually a great time to do that. You have a few weeks to install the new furniture and get rid of your old furniture, and your students can come back to a whole new learning environment. Here are some tips for upgrading your school furniture over fall break.

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