In this guide, we will explain the most common types of Toilet Partition Style, along with important information regarding the best choice depending on the best use for each different style.

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No matter what industry you work in, chances are there are at least a couple doors in your building that need door protection. Kick plates, mop plates, armor plates, and stretcher plates are all designed to protect areas of your door that may be pushed open throughout the day without turning a handle. Choosing the right door protection is a matter of figuring out where your door is going to suffer the most abuse. Let’s take a closer look at your options to determine which door protection is best suited for your commercial building.

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If you need restroom partitions for your business, you can choose from a number of different building materials. These materials will determine how your bathroom looks, how it smells, and how easy it is to clean in the future. Selecting the right materials from the start will ensure that you have a bathroom design you’ll love for years to come. Here is a guide explaining how to compare restroom partition materials.

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